Before discovering my passion to help people improve their health and fitness, I worked at a typical 9-5 office job where I was in a chair most of the day, had poor food choices, and was inactive outside of work. I struggled to maintain a healthy body and quickly grew bored of the typical strict diets I thought would fix my appearance.

I sought further education and obtained my Associates Degree of Occupational Studies in Personal Training, A.C.E. certification in Personal Training, Precision Nutrition Certification, Online Trainer Certification, while also completing an internship on Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

With this education I am able to help you simply your health and fitness plan. Whatever your busy schedule throws at you, I can coach you how to fit exercise into your routine without spending hours in the gym each day, help you create a healthy relationship with nutrition by guiding you on food choices and how to enjoy things in moderation, and most importantly help you achieve a body you can be proud of.